LRGBIC #4 – Abracadabra

Got something a bit different for this devlog. I got so much work done since the last one that I didn’t think a plain text blog with low-quality gifs would cut it so I made a video! In this video, I mainly talk about what magic skills the player has to their disposable and how those skills work with the mini-game I mentioned in the last devlog. I hope to do more of these so if you have any suggestions or advice please share them. Please enjoy the video and have a great day.

This took about 50 takes…I have an impressive outtake reel

LRGBIC Devlog #3 – Clearing Your Thoughts

So with this nice foundation I have for Silver Rule, thanks to the great tutorials by Fornclake, I was able to think about how to implement the twist for the game. The hero has access to a wide array of magic that he can use to handle the dungeon’s challenges, but that’s not the real challenge. The hero can only efficiently use his abilities if he has a clear mind.

This is where the twist comes in for Silver Rule. The player will have to jump between the actual game and essentially a mini-game in which they literally have to clear the hero’s mind of his wandering thoughts. This will be tracked by a mental meter and as it drops your mind will be filled with thoughts. If you don’t clear those thoughts your magic will get weaker.

The way the player can clear the hero’s mind is by switching to a mini-game where you play the mind’s eye and bump into your wild notions until they vanish. You can switch in and out of the mini-game at any time to clear those thoughts to unlock the strongest your powers have to offer.

That Mind’s Eye looks fed up

So far the hero has two magic attacks he can perform. He has the fire stab ability which is basically a sword and the ice shot which is basically an arrow. Each attack has three levels of power which are affected by the mental meter. For instance, the ice shot will travel much further and faster if you have a clearer mind.

The hero performing the ice shot skill

Well that about wraps it up for this devlog! As you can see by the pretty gifs I am making some good progress. I’m having a little issue with switching between the main game and the mini game, but let’s hope by the next devlog that’s all fixed up. Hope you’ll stop by for the next edition of LRGBIC Devlogs!!

LRGBIC Devlog #2 – Tutorial Rule

Now that you know what LRGBIC is you might want to know what I’m actually doing. Using Namada’s 2018 Famicase, I am creating a game called Silver Rule. It will have you take the role of a young man who has to overcome the challenges of a dungeon to obtain a relic known as the Silver Rule. It will basically be a Zelda clone with a twist.

Namada’s 2018 Famicase – Silver Rule

I decided to use the Godot Engine for this one since I have basically moved to it from Unity since I think it is better suited to making the 2D games. I’ve been using it for about a year and I’ve only released one project with it. That game was my #NotGDC jam entry, Subspace Before, which was just a glorified test of a dialog system I was working on at the time.

Logo for Subspace Before

Since this would be the first actual game I would create in Godot, I figured I go find some tutorials and see what I could learn real quick. Luckily I came across these wonderful Godot Zelda tutorials by Fornclake. I spent about two days following his six tutorials and came out with a nice base to work with.

Now that I’ve learned some new Godot tricks and given myself a nice foundation to start with I can finally start getting to the nitty gritty of Silver Rule. I still haven’t said much about the game itself, but I have to give you something to come back to. Well no worries as on the next episode of LRGBIC we will finally get to what makes Silver Rule so special!

LRGBIC Devlog #1 – A New Challenge

    Been awhile since I’ve done a devlog and I must say it is about time. I figure the best way to celebrate moving on to bigger and better things in my life is with a good old fashion game jam, but why should we stop there? Let’s do one game under the conditions of two jams! I will call this jamming extravaganza Low Rez Game by Its Cover (which is what that acronym in the devlog title stands for)!

Low Rez Game by Its Cover or LRGBIC is a combination of Low Rez and A Game by Its Cover game jams. I’ve never done Low Rez jam which has you create a game at a strict resolution of 64×64 pixels, but I am more familiar with A Game by Its Cover or AGBIC. If you are familiar with my game Item Sweep, I made that for AGBIC in 2016.

A Game by Its Cover is a jam that has participants pick a fictional Famicom cartridge designed by amazing artists for the Famicase Exhibit. It’s one thing to discover an art show of all these made up cartridges, but finding out there was a jam that challenged you to actually make a game behind them was an opportunity I didn’t and still don’t like passing up.

I missed AGBIC last year and refused to miss it this year, but I also wanted to take part in Low Rez jam. Instead of deciding which one to do I came up with the idea for LRGBIC! So here we are at the beginning of another jam (or two). I already know what I want to do, but I’ll save that for the next devlog…

Renovations Incoming!!!

I’m not sure what happened, but I haven’t been giving this website the attention it deserves. I am in this huge transitional stage in my life right now so I haven’t had much time to devote to the website like I’d hope. If you’ve been following me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook then you know I’ve still been working hard at creating, but I want this site to be a central place for everything I do.

Well once I’ve finished with my transition which includes leaving my job, moving, and getting married, I’ll be able to give this website the attention it deserves! Anyway look forward to that and follow me on Twitter @AsentrixStudios for more!!

Also be sure to check out the songs I did for the 21 Days of VGM Challenge!