Under Maintenance

  1. Asentrix Studios is currently undergoing maintenance.
  2. Since Asentrix Studios is my life, that too is undergoing maintenance.
  3. I cannot tell you when the maintenance will be over just that it is.
  4. This maintenance does extend to my Itch.io page & I have removed all my games from it except for the Break Dungeon alpha. Everything will be back up soon enough so don’t fret.
  5. For those that care, I am personally doing lukewarm. Take that as you will, but all in all, I am ok.
  6. Break of the Dungeon isn’t going anywhere and it will come when it comes. Godot 3.1 is out now so that’s good news. Just know I’m out here channeling my inner Benson and not being a slacker.
  7. While Asentrix Studios is going dark, Asix is still here. Feel free to chat with me on the socials and ask me non-Asentrix Studios questions.