Tiny Mystic Devlog #2 – Mapping it all out

Time for another Tiny Mystic devlog! So I decided to look into using Tiled and Tiled2Unity for making my scenes in Tiny Mystic. I found a nice little tileset on OpenGameArt and just got to work. After about an hour or so I had a nice little map.


It wasn’t too fancy, but I could see it had potential. It wasn’t long before I realized how relaxing working on these tilemaps would be. After another hour or two, I had a pretty decent map. I wanted to see how it looked with my little character running around that I setup up the other day, so I used Tiled2Unity to import the tilemap. The process was pretty seamless and in a couple of minutes, the tilemap was in my scene. After setting up my camera, my guy was off exploring the land…


Unfortunately, my little dude thinks he’s Jesus or something. He was walking on water and on top of the void. It’s madness! This brings me to my least favorite part of making tilemaps…Working on the collisions. I had to go through all the relevant tiles and give them collision properties which Tiled2Unity would use when importing them. It actually wasn’t so bad and it didn’t take nearly as long as I thought. It definitely adds some ‘dimension’ to everything.

After about a day or two I had a pretty sweet map and I used it to play around with the camera. I didn’t spend too much time with it, but I think I have a  pretty good idea how I want to do my tilemaps and handle the camera. Below is the map I ended up with and I am fine enough with it to move on. I’m moving on to the next phase of the operation and I can’t wait to share it with you all in the next devlog. Until then have a nice day and never give in.


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