Tiny Mystic Devlog #3 – Procrastination is my Arch Rival

Ok, this is a really important phase of development for me because this is usually where everything starts to crumble. I’m working on the battle system next since that’s the meat and potatoes of the whole thing. Honestly, I was working on the tilemap stuff as a way to put this off, but now there’s really nothing left to do here. I spent maybe an hour or two just jotting down ideas and reading some tutorials for ways to go about developing this system. This battle system is actually a bare bones version of the system I had for Mystic G, so I was more so gutting an idea that I already had. After awhile I had some pretty neatly organized notes.

After a certain time, I realized I was procrastinating again so I said enough and just got to work. At my job, I have to write a lot of quick and ugly code to meet the demands of my boss and the clients. It has put me in a situation where a complex task is daunting because I don’t want to end up with horrific code…I seriously do that enough at work. With that being said, I had to realize this was my project and I have complete control of it. I jumped right in and started making classes as I imagine how the whole system would work out.

Needless to say, I was still lost, but I just kept visualizing how the flow over everything is supposed to work. I started working on the battle scene, giving me another excuse to use Tiled. I didn’t stay in there too long and came up with something really simple. Once that was in place I kind of slipped back into my procrastination. Developing this battle system has been very intimidating, but most of these days I’ve had to just force myself into it. Once I got into the groove I came up with an enemy spawner that would decide whether to throw the player into a battle. If it decides you are going to battle, it would pit you up against a group of up to four enemies that were randomly selected out of a pool of available enemies.

Unfortunately, I lost more time due to procrastination and exhaustion, but I made up for lost time and started to hook up the battle manager and the game manager. I started with the escape button because I figured it would be the easiest to do. I wanted to make sure that if the player made a successful escape they would end up back on the same map at the same position. This also gave me a chance to play around with Unity’s new scene management, which I haven’t had much chance to use other than simply going to another scene. In about an hour in a half, I was able to go into battle and escape right to where I was in true RPG fashion.

Honestly, I spent most of this week fighting with myself, my fears, and my failures. This time I lost the fight, but my progress shows I will not lose the war. By that I mean I could have worked on Tiny Mystic more, but it’s better than not working on it at all. The next step from here is giving all the combatants some options to fight. As it stands now they kind of just stand there looking at each other and that’s no fun. I hope by the time you see the next devlog the battle system will have a bit more flair! Well back to the grind! See you for the next devlog!


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