Tiny Mystic Devlog #4 – Choose Your Exhaustion

Fourth devlog in and we can already jump into battle, stare at our opponents, and then run away. Unfortunately, we can’t defeat our foes with good looks so I figured the next step was to setup the combo system. A player will be able to input a combination of three commands to create a combo and use that to attack opponents. I rigged the attack button to bring up the combo bar to allow players to do just that.


It’s not visible above, but it didn’t take long to setup the buttons to allow players to input their combos once they were on the combo bar screen. You could even cancel out commands you’ve already inputted and entered in new ones. Also, notice how you can only input but so many commands. As the game progresses I would hope to allow the player to improve their max combo allowing for larger moves.

I honestly thought this was the end of my work for the week. I’ve been pretty exhausted this week between work and personal dealings so most of my days have been work, come home, fall asleep, rinse, and repeat. You should see the paragraph I wrote when I thought this was the end. I was upset with myself for not having done as much as I have the other weeks.  This is when I realized I wasn’t  working on this full time and for now, all I had was free time to commit. Some weeks work or my personal life will have to take precedent. For now, that is the sad truth, but regardless I mustered up the strength to finish the UI for the combo bar. Even better than that my code for it work on the first go! I call that giving birth to an angel! It was just the victory I need to keep me from crashing this week!

I hope next week will be more productive, but if it’s one thing I’ve made clear to myself this week is that this project is important to me. It’s not even really the project, but what it will do for me when I finished. I need to finish a damn game and in order to do that there will be weeks, I have to push through. Well, that’s it for this week’s devlog. See you all next week.


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