Tiny Mystic Devlog #5 – Documentation is Key

Alright, so as of last week the player can input a combo and see it displayed on the screen. I thought this week I’d be working on the math for the attacks but quickly realized the player doesn’t have a way to select a target. I didn’t want this to take forever so I tried to decide the best way to handle this. It was at this point I gain a great appreciation for anyone who has taken the time to build a battle system. Even the small things can prove to be a challenge.

I didn’t know how I wanted to do the selection process and I had some trouble with the implementation. I had to knock myself down a couple of pegs because I had some crazy dynamic selection system worked out but had to realize it was overly complicated. I eventually decided to use the dropdown selection menu I made for World Masters, one of my more recent Ludum Dare entries. It’s not the most amazing way to select a target, but it works.

Honestly, I didn’t get much done with the selection menu this week because while Twitter surfing the other day I came across a crazy awesome game design document template. Having a good game design document is important, but I really could never grasp how to get one done. I’ve found templates that usually just leave me more confused, but this template by Nikkona was a god send! Once I found it I quickly got to work filling in all the blanks. Not only was it nice to finally understand what goes into a game design document, but it was also a nice break from development.

Not much going on with Tiny Mystic, but it’s moving. I’ve made more continuous progress with this project than most and these development logs help greatly with that. If you take the time out to read these I really appreciate it and I hope in the coming weeks I’ll have some really neat things to show you.  With that said I’ll catch you all for devlog number six!



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