Tiny Mystic Devlog #6 – The Sacrifice

Not much happened last week and unfortunately, it’s more or less the same this week, but before I get into what was done this week I need to get something off my chest. This endeavor I have taken upon myself is difficult and it is very hard for me to stay focused, but this is why I decided to take a pass on all other projects until I am finished with Tiny Mystic which includes the game jams I LOVE doing! “A Game By Its Cover” started this week and I have been looking forward to it all year, but I knew I’d be unable to participate if I decided to take on Tiny Mystic. You don’t understand how much willpower it’s taking not to say fuck it and go do the jam anyway.  I knew this would happen once I decided to forgo all my other projects, but this is the sacrifice I’ve made to achieve my ultimate goal which is to finish and ship a damn game!

(Item Sweep – My 2016 AGBIC Entry)

Now enough of all that stuff and let’s get to the nitty gritty! Last week I mostly talked about the targeting system and how I was going about designing that. I said I would use the same sort of system that I used in my Ludum Dare entry, World Masters. Getting it up and running actually didn’t take long. I had it working in about a day or two, but quickly realized it didn’t play nicely with my controls. The dropdown in Unity’s UI was clearly meant for mouses and touch controls (or I may not know what I am doing…Haven’t figure that out yet). I tried to play around with it and get it to work properly, but in the end, it got scrapped without a gif to show how bad it was.

Once the World Master targeting system was scrapped I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do. I eventually took a breather and simplified my problem. This resulted in my making a script that could be given a list to cycle over and it would display the currently selected target on a text panel. It actually worked a lot better than my World Master idea and I kinda wish I came up with this for that entry. I think in the future I want to place a reticle over the selected target, which would come in handy for targets with the same name.

(So which yellow doll is which?)

Well, that’s pretty much all I had time for this week, but with the targeting system behind us we can finally select a target and have at it. Since I’ve started this battle system all I’ve done is boring UI work, but now I can finally get to the fun stuff. I’ll also need to sit down and actually design the battle system as far as how damage calculation will work and so on. With that being said, let me get to work and I’ll see you guys for devlog number seven!


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