Tiny Mystic Devlog #8 – Too Busy to Pay the Bills

Something that has a lot of detail in it is usually called ‘meaty’, and if that’s the case then this devlog is gonna be straight veggies. Most of this week has been me completing a laundry list of tasks before coming on this business trip which is where I am at the moment. With that being said I barely worked on Tiny Mystic at all, but that doesn’t matter because I forgot to pay my bill for Jetbrain’s Rider and I refuse to go back to Visual Studios. As you’ve probably realized at this point, I am determined to work on Tiny Mystic in some capacity even if it means working on documentation or tilemaps. This week I decided to spend my time really digging into the battle system.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it already, but the battle system I plan to make for Ti\ny Mystic will just be a simplified version of what I had planned for Mystic G and I am calling it the TGS or Tiny Gear System. The big focus of the TGS is the combo system where instead of mindlessly hitting an attack button or whatever, the player inputs multiple attack commands which can be low, medium, or high. Depending on the situation these combos can become skills and if a skill is used enough it becomes a mastered skill. Mastered skills can be used with regular combos to come up with more complex attacks. There are also other commands that can go in a combo, but we’ll save those for later. At its core, this is what the TGS is about!

If you’ve been keeping up with my devlog, you’ve seen how you can input a combo and attack a target. At the moment the target you select is instantly defeated, but we want the battles to actually be a challenge. For that, I needed to come up with some formulas and calculations and this is not a field I have much knowledge in. After seeking some advice on r/gamedesign I took a look at this battle mechanic guide for Golden Sun. It was very eye-opening to see the inner workings of one of my favorite RPGs and I was able to get a better idea of how to arrange some things.

I still haven’t gotten to the formulas and calculations, but it’s finally coming along. A week ago I had no idea what I was even doing so progress is always being made. By the time this devlog is out I will have my Rider subscription renewed and I’ll actually get to implement some of the things I’ve talked about. I apologize that this devlog isn’t as colorful as my other and to be honest next week might be more the same, but by the time this part is over, we’re gonna be seeing rainbows!! That’s all for now people! See you guys next week!


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