Tiny Mystic Devlog #8.5 – The Recap

[This devlog is still in rough draft mode. I apologize for any spelling errors and grammar mistake. I will take care of them at my earliest convience]

We’ve done eight devlogs and with a devlog every week that means we’ve been working on Tiny Mystic for about two months. While I would have hoped for more progress, I am proud of the progress I made.  For this devlog, we are going to go back and look at the what’s been done. We’ll start with the second devlog since the first is mostly my declaration to the world that this project was happening. I had to make a decision to put everything aside to work on this project which meant I couldn’t do game jams or work on other projects. I made a decision to go all in on this project which would be a stepping stone into the great beyond.

When I started Tiny Mystic I decided to look into using Tiled and Tiled2Unity. I’d heard about the software before and thought it might make my job a little easier when setting up scenes. Not only did it make working on scenes a little easier than my previous process, but I found it to be kind of relaxing. Well, it was relaxing up until I had to work on the collisions, but thankfully that’s something that has to be done once. By the end of the week, I had a good idea of how to set up my scenes…Camera and all.

The following week was a difficult one because I had to deal with procrastination and bad coding practices brought on by my day job. This was also the first week I started on the battle system which is what the remainder of this recap will be about. Rereading the 3rd devlog I could tell I was upset with myself for not getting more done, but I did plenty. I used Tiled to set up a battle scene and put together a random battle generator. By the end of the week, you could go into battle and escape by to your previous location. It was a great start to a long journey.

After dealing with constant procrastination I was met with exhaustion the next week. While I don’t remember what exactly went on that week I could tell I was dealing with something exhausting at work. I often have weeks where I come straight home and all I can do is sleep and week four was that week. While I did get work done implementing the combo bar that would allow players to input their attack moves, I was not satisfied that I hadn’t done more. This is when I realized my true battle is with reality because I had to come to terms that sometimes my personal life may have to take precedence over Tiny Mystic, but I would prove that this was not the week. By the time it was all said and done I pushed through and completed the UI and code for the combo system.

Once I overcame some tough obstacle I wanted to jump straight into the mechanics of my battle system, however, I got ahead of myself and realize there was no way to select a target. After reigning myself in from some overly complex selection system, I decided to use a system from a past Ludum Dare game, World Masters. I laid the groundwork for setting up such a system, but quickly switch over to working on my game design document after finding a wonderful template. This was an excellent victory for the week since I never understood how to actually put one together.

After my great victory with the game design template, I was hit with the reality of my sacrifice. I had been waiting all year to enter AGBIC 2017, but I knew taking on Tiny Mystic would prevent that. It was a hard week knowing I wouldn’t be able to participate, but I pressed onward and finished the World Master selection system. Unfortunately, this did not work out as well as I would have hoped, but with some quick thinking I came up with a much better design for the selection system. While the weight of my sacrifice was heavy in my heart, I ended the week one step closer to finishing my battle system.

Coming from a heavy sacrifice I came into this week strong. I was finally about to afford a proper desk for me to work at. Working with the laptop in my lap while sitting on the couch would only get me so far. Of course with a proper place to work, I began knocking out some the task at hand. I had finished laying the groundwork for all the phases of battle in my system which had been named the Tiny Gear System (or TGS). You could go into battle, put in a combo, select a target, and watch them instantly get destroyed. I realized at this point I would need to work on the formulas and math behind my game. I would spend the rest of the week working on that and giving Tiny Mystic it’s story.

Now last week was pretty rough since I had a lot going on at work with deadlines and a business trip. I almost thought I wouldn’t even get a devlog out especially considering the fact that my Rider subscription was expired because I forgot to pay it. Despite it all, I used my time to study Golden Sun’s battle mechanics. This not only gave me inside peek into one of my top RPGs, but it also gave me a little inspiration on how to put the TGS together. I got through the week with a renewed Rider subscription and a bit more insight and wisdom on battle mechanics.

Now we’ve recapped ourselves all the way to the present week. I am still studying battle mechanics from other games while I piece the TGS together. I was also able to pick up a book that helped me get a better idea of the stats my game needs and how my leveling should work.  With this knowledge, I now know how characters base stats and growth will work. I will probably start implementing some of what I have into the code and seeing how it all works.

This has been quite the informative devlog, huh? I thought it would be nice to review my progress which is especially good for anybody new joining the fun. We are supposed to do these things on a weekly basis and I still want to do that, but I would need to find something to talk about. With that being said I’m not sure when the next devlog, but hopefully before next Monday. Just stay tuned for more to come!


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