Tiny Mystic Devlog #9 – Some Detours are LÖVEly

That last devlog was pretty intense! We went over the last two months and where I currently was with Tiny Mystic which was fooling around with the stats and battle mechanics. Unfortunately, we aren’t here to talk about that but rather my adventures learning Lua programming language and using LÖVE. I know what you’re thinking and I am still using Unity3D for Tiny Mystic. This might be a little confusing and I can’t go into all the details yet, but this has much to do with Tiny Mystic. Don’t dwell too much on it and enjoy my small journey into Lua and LÖVE!

When I came up with my grand mysterious scheme, I decided that this would be a good time to learn Lua.  I’ve always thought it was a cool scripting language, but I think the greatest thing about it is how easy it was to learn. Since I decided to use Lua I thought it would be nice to use the LÖVE game engine. I found a nice awesome list for LÖVE which led me to this even more awesome tutorial from the people of Sheepolution. In a matter of hours, I was already writing Lua code and working in LÖVE.

My text editor of choice is Atom since it is an application I am familiar with. Luckily there were plugins available that made writing Lua code in Atom a breeze such as a linter and LÖVE/Lua autocomplete. The most helpful plugin was LÖVE-IDE which provided a good bit of functionality. I wanted to try other editors for Lua, but I knew I didn’t have time to try a bunch of programs. Ultimately I felt Atom was good enough for the job and it didn’t disappoint.

I know this devlog is a bit different then what we’re used to, but as I said in the recap I want to start shaking things up. I know there wasn’t much about Tiny Mystic this time and I apologize for that. All this Lua and LÖVE stuff is definitely relevant to what’s going on with Tiny Mystic. The next devlog will open some insight as to what that relevance might be and I can assure you it will be something that we all can enjoy. See you really soon for the next devlog!


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