LRGBIC Devlog #1 – A New Challenge

    Been awhile since I’ve done a devlog and I must say it is about time. I figure the best way to celebrate moving on to bigger and better things in my life is with a good old fashion game jam, but why should we stop there? Let’s do one game under the conditions of two jams! I will call this jamming extravaganza Low Rez Game by Its Cover (which is what that acronym in the devlog title stands for)!

Low Rez Game by Its Cover or LRGBIC is a combination of Low Rez and A Game by Its Cover game jams. I’ve never done Low Rez jam which has you create a game at a strict resolution of 64×64 pixels, but I am more familiar with A Game by Its Cover or AGBIC. If you are familiar with my game Item Sweep, I made that for AGBIC in 2016.

A Game by Its Cover is a jam that has participants pick a fictional Famicom cartridge designed by amazing artists for the Famicase Exhibit. It’s one thing to discover an art show of all these made up cartridges, but finding out there was a jam that challenged you to actually make a game behind them was an opportunity I didn’t and still don’t like passing up.

I missed AGBIC last year and refused to miss it this year, but I also wanted to take part in Low Rez jam. Instead of deciding which one to do I came up with the idea for LRGBIC! So here we are at the beginning of another jam (or two). I already know what I want to do, but I’ll save that for the next devlog…

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