LRGBIC Devlog #2 – Tutorial Rule

Now that you know what LRGBIC is you might want to know what I’m actually doing. Using Namada’s 2018 Famicase, I am creating a game called Silver Rule. It will have you take the role of a young man who has to overcome the challenges of a dungeon to obtain a relic known as the Silver Rule. It will basically be a Zelda clone with a twist.

Namada’s 2018 Famicase – Silver Rule

I decided to use the Godot Engine for this one since I have basically moved to it from Unity since I think it is better suited to making the 2D games. I’ve been using it for about a year and I’ve only released one project with it. That game was my #NotGDC jam entry, Subspace Before, which was just a glorified test of a dialog system I was working on at the time.

Logo for Subspace Before

Since this would be the first actual game I would create in Godot, I figured I go find some tutorials and see what I could learn real quick. Luckily I came across these wonderful Godot Zelda tutorials by Fornclake. I spent about two days following his six tutorials and came out with a nice base to work with.

Now that I’ve learned some new Godot tricks and given myself a nice foundation to start with I can finally start getting to the nitty gritty of Silver Rule. I still haven’t said much about the game itself, but I have to give you something to come back to. Well no worries as on the next episode of LRGBIC we will finally get to what makes Silver Rule so special!

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