LRGBIC Devlog #3 – Clearing Your Thoughts

So with this nice foundation I have for Silver Rule, thanks to the great tutorials by Fornclake, I was able to think about how to implement the twist for the game. The hero has access to a wide array of magic that he can use to handle the dungeon’s challenges, but that’s not the real challenge. The hero can only efficiently use his abilities if he has a clear mind.

This is where the twist comes in for Silver Rule. The player will have to jump between the actual game and essentially a mini-game in which they literally have to clear the hero’s mind of his wandering thoughts. This will be tracked by a mental meter and as it drops your mind will be filled with thoughts. If you don’t clear those thoughts your magic will get weaker.

The way the player can clear the hero’s mind is by switching to a mini-game where you play the mind’s eye and bump into your wild notions until they vanish. You can switch in and out of the mini-game at any time to clear those thoughts to unlock the strongest your powers have to offer.

That Mind’s Eye looks fed up

So far the hero has two magic attacks he can perform. He has the fire stab ability which is basically a sword and the ice shot which is basically an arrow. Each attack has three levels of power which are affected by the mental meter. For instance, the ice shot will travel much further and faster if you have a clearer mind.

The hero performing the ice shot skill

Well that about wraps it up for this devlog! As you can see by the pretty gifs I am making some good progress. I’m having a little issue with switching between the main game and the mini game, but let’s hope by the next devlog that’s all fixed up. Hope you’ll stop by for the next edition of LRGBIC Devlogs!!

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