LRGBIC Devlog #5 – The Prologue

A lot has happened since the first devlog! Hopefully you’ve seen and enjoyed the video I did for devlog four and seeing the game in action. I definitely had a time putting it together. What I wanted to talk about now is how I am going to handle Silver Rule being made for two game jams that end at different times. LowRez game jam ends in a few days while AGBIC last through the month. I’ve come up with an interesting plan.

Lowrez game jam ends in under 24 hours from the time this was posted. Of course, the game isn’t really complete so the question is how do I make the release before the end of Lowrez jam? I thought about the best way to go about this and I’ve decided to use Lowrez jam to set up a bit of story for Silver Rule. Tomorrow you’ll be able to play Silver Rule: Prologue.

Title Screen

Silver Rule: Prologue, will have the player see the hero, Ace, undergoing training so that he may gain directions to where the Silver Rule rest. The main two goals with this prologue are to give the player some story and let them mess around with my work so far. As a bonus, I was able to get my dialog system from Subspace Before into the game with little to no problem. This will also allow me to get some suggestions for the AGBIC edition that will come at the end of the month. 

Well, I have to get back to work so you can play Silver Rule: Prologue tomorrow. The next devlog will be announcing that release and going over some of the work leading up to it. I am having so much fun with LRGBIC and I hope you are having just as much fun following along. I am really looking forward to everyone playing the prologue. See you at the next devlog and have a great day.

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