LRGBIC Devlog #7 – Puzzles and Traps. Oh My!

How’s it going, everyone? We are fast at work on the second phase of LRGBIC and on the last devlog, we went over the feedback I received for the first phase. It seems Ace has received some additional training from Silus and his magic skills have been upgraded. He will need them too because the baddies have been reworked as well. There will even be a new vermin joining the crew to give Ace some trouble in the dungeon, but I don’t want to talk about the vermin. I’m here to talk about the dungeon itself.

If you remember, Silver Rule is all about Ace obtaining the Silver Rule from a dungeon. The prologue took place outside in a nice grassy field mainly because I ran out of time to implement the actual dungeon itself. The feedback I received from the prologue shows this was a good idea. It allowed me to focus on what’s wrong with Ace, his magic, and the monster. With this in mind, I made sure the dungeon itself worked around the improvements.

The First Room of the Dungeon

When I started to design the dungeon I knew I’d want it to be straightforward and simple. I quickly decided that I’d have four types of obstacles that would show up two to three times. This could allow for variety while keeping everything simple. The four types of rooms Ace will come across are monster, spike, puzzle, and empty types.

The monster rooms will be where Ace will have to face waves of enemies before proceeding, similar to the prologue. The puzzle rooms will test Ace’s wits before allowing passage. The empty room type covers rooms like the entrance or the Silver Rule’s resting place where nothing interesting happens. The spike rooms are a secret that you will have to uncover on your own. As you can see each room allows a bit variance so they can show up a couple of times over the course of the dungeon.

The Legendary Silver Rule!

I honestly had a lot of fun putting this dungeon together and I hope everyone enjoys conquering it to help Ace get the Silver Rule. That’s basically all I wanted to share this time, but we are coming close to the end of LRGBIC so expect a couple more devlogs before the AGBIC release. Next will be going over the Fuegi, Ace’s new adversary in the Silver Rule dungeon.

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