LRGBIC Devlog #8 – The Fuego Fuegi

On the last devlog we went over the dungeon that Ace will have to conquer to get the Silver Rule. If you remember, I started that off by mentioning some of the improvements I’ve made to the game. I mentioned the revamped magic, the reworked enemies, and the new enemy. That new enemy is excatly what I am here to discuss!

The fuegi was planned to be the third monster in the prologue, but I held him back after I ran out of time. I put together a nice little sprite and gave him the ability to change his element on the fly. After some thought, I decided to give this ability to the rambie. I wanted the fuegi to have less of a passive ability and present himself as more of a problem.

Introducing the Fuego Fuegi

With the rambie taking the fuegi’s original ability, I couldn’t come up with anything interesting to give the fuegi. It was at this point I decided to leave the poor little fuegi out of the prologue. All said and done, this worked out great. It gave me time to really figure out what kind of challenge I wanted the fuegi to give Ace on his quest for the Silver Rule.

Now what can the fuegi do you might be asking? His main objective is guarding the last door to the Silver Rule. I’ve made the fuegi the final challenge the player will face. He combines several aspects of the dungeon to cause issues for Ace and I can’t wait to see how players handle it.  Well that wraps it up for this devlog! We are coming close to release so I hope you are ready!

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