LRGBIC Devlog #9 – Finishing Touches

This has been quite the month hasn’t it? At the very beginning I was just following Fornclake’s Zelda Godot tutorials which lead me to releasing the prologue just two weeks ago. Now we are at the beginning of September closing in on the Silver Rule’s release. It’s been quite the journey doing these two jams and now all we have left are the finishing touches!

Once I finished putting together the dungeon, I decided that it needed a bit of life. The dungeon was pretty dark and bland so I figure adding some music and sound would solve this issue. I jumped in LMMS and cobbled together a track that I felt served nicely for navigating the Silver Rule dungeon. The original song I was composing for the dungeon ended up being the music for the title screen. I’ve put both songs in this post for your listening pleasure. Give them a listen and tell me what you think.

In the middle of doing the songs for the dungeon and title screen, I also used LMMS’s SFXR instrument plugin to generate some sound effects. This was probably the most fun I had this week. SFXR can generate all sort of sound effects for a specific purpose like pickups or it can just give you some strange completely random sound. While it won’t appear in the final game you can listen to the most interesting sound I got. After it was all said and done I had all the audio I needed and Silver Rule felt more lively…If that’s even the right word to describe it.

After getting the sound the way I wanted I decided to work on some of the dialog for the game. I wasn’t going to add dialog to the final game, but I felt it might be weird since the prologue had some plus I think people enjoyed the dialog I wrote. I used Talkit to write the script which exports JSON that I use in Godot. To be honest, the dialog in Silver Rule is a test of sorts for some software that I am working on that derives from Talkit. It’s heavily attached to my next project so you’ll hear more about that in the future.

Now that we have some sound and dialog Silver Rule feels more like an experience instead of something for players just run through. At least I hope players will have some sort of experience. Regardless, I have had a blast making Silver Rule and it’s prologue. I hope you and everyone else out there enjoys it when I release it tomorrow. That’s right! You can play Silver Rule is almost 24 hours. Our last devlog will be sometime after which will also serve as the post mortem. 

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