Introducing Scrippler

Now that LRGBIC is behind us what’s next for Asentrix Studios? What’s next is all the stuff planned for October! In October we’ll be doing Inktober and Devtober and that’s not all. It seems 21 Days of VGM challenge has come back and we are taking up the challenge once more. October is gonna be a big one, but that’s not what I am here to talk about today. I want to introduce another project of ours, Scrippler, the web-based node dialog editor.

My goal for Scrippler is to have an easy way to add dialog to your game. You can write out the dialog in Scrippler and export the script into game-ready JSON. Scrippler is still in its early stages and is still rough around the edges, but with it, you can put together a script and export easy to read JSON. You can even use it right now by using the new link on the menu at the top of the site. I have been really excited to talk about Scrippler with you all and I finally can. I hope I can make it into the tool I wanted and the tool everyone else needs.

One more announcement before I let you all go, but if you want to support Scrippler or anything else Asentrix Studios does you can now do so via our new Patreon. If a single donation is more your speed we also have a Ko-Fi page. We appreciate any help and with it, we can do better and greater things. Anyway, I hope to see you around for October because it’s gonna be a big one! Til next time!

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