FDO Devlog #3 – Raycast Woes

Before I begin I want to mention that I will no longer be doing 21 Days of VGM or Inktober (or whatever the pixel art version of it is). I’ve decided that I need to focus on my game design and development. I’ve even removed the requirement that I have to do this every two days. I’ll still try to do a blog post every two days, but I’ll be doing a more informal post on my personal Twitter page (@AsixJin). Just wanted to keep everyone posted, but enough with that and on to business.

More pictures of my white board

The last post I spoke about doing some movement code. Well, I spent a good amount of time reworking that code so it was easier to read and use. Organizing code is very therapeutic if you need a reason to do such a thing. I threw on some lo-fi hip-hop and clean that move code right on up.

Once I was satisfied with the movement I moved straight to attacks. I wanted to start with something simple. I decided to start with something that was like Mega Man’s buster. I thought the best way to handle this was with raycast. This would be my first time using raycast and it was a learning experience.

It took me a few days to get the raycast to work how I intended and this was probably due to how the positions work in Godot and some confusing tutorials. I plan to carve some time out to fully understand raycast in general and from Godot’s standpoint so I don’t have to spend so much time on them. Regardless I got a basic attack working so I’ll try to get some controls done for the player next.

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