FDO Devlog #4 – Movement & Commands

Another devlog means more progress with Force Defender Operations (FDO). Most of my time since the last post was spent working on more movement stuff. This time, however, I worked on how the player will be moving their character.

If I haven’t mentioned it already, FDO is inspired by Rockman EXE 4.5, a Mega Man Battle Network title that never saw an English release. In the world of Battle Network, operators work with navis to fight viruses. Usually, players would have direct control over the navis in battle, but in 4.5 it takes away that direct control in favor of putting you in the shoes of the operator. In 4.5 your navi moves and attacks on its own while you give it commands. I thought 4.5 would be an excellent example to follow when I asked myself how a mobile Battle Network could be possible.

In FDO you won’t have the typical buttons like in a Battle Network game, but I wanted the player to have more control than 4.5 allowed. While the characters can move on its own like in 4.5, the player can tell their character to go to any panel at any time. This is done, currently, by a grid that sits under the battlefield. I could explain more, but it’s much more fun to watch my Instagram post. I was very excited that this worked as well as it did.

I’ll probably be moving back to attacks after this. I’ll definitely have to tighten up the movement, but I want to finish the player controls. I’ll have to start thinking about how the player can tell their character to attack so that’ll be next on the agenda. 

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