Asix Days #4 – The Problem, Solution, & Goal

Without going too much into it, growing up black was extremely hard for me, but video games got me through it. That’s why they are so important to me. It didn’t matter how crappy my day was, I knew I could come home or pull out a handheld and get lost in another world. In fact, I can pair nearly every traumatic memory to a video game. It’s my prefect getaway.

Dealing with the aforementioned “growing up black” issues, I’ve I come to understand and enjoy my identity as a black man. That in of itself has been a journey and has been like food to my soul, but it has also made me realize the lack of that same identity within my beloved industry. I don’t have to talk about the lack of black representation in video games, but it is I problem I feel like I need to fix.

My goal in life is to use video games to tell great and epic stories like Trails in the Sky, but I hope that my passion brings the black identity to the industry. Personally, I’d like to see that in form of fantasy games like Chrono Trigger or Golden Sun with a primarily black cast and/or more black people in the industry doing development and pixel art. It’ll be a tough problem to fix, but I hope I have the solution.

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