Asix Days #5 – Android Learning

So over the last week, I have been working on the Google Android codelabs in order to prepare for my certification test. Hopefully, by the time this post has been published, I will have finished the entire thing, waiting until I can pay for and take the test. I don’t really need the certification, but it does look nice when people seek me out to build apps.

Since I have spent the last three years as an Android developer these codelabs have been more of a refresher for me. It has been a long week going through all these lessons within the codelabs because some of them can be a long and borning. It takes a great deal of discipline to go through these on your own, but I feel it will be worth it in the end. I have even taught myself some new tricks going through the codelabs.

While waiting for the money to take my certification test I will probably go update some of my Android apps on the Play Store. As I go through the codelabs I can only think of ways to improve the apps I’ve already worked on. This is good news if you like Super Pico Player and Pixel Dailies Widget. Anyway wish me luck on the test and hopefully one of these Asix Days will be a celebration post.

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