Asix Days #6 – iOS Learning

On the last edition of Asix Days I talked about me going for my Android certification as a personal goal. I also mentioned how I am already an established Android developer and I plan on using my new knowledge to update my apps already in production. That is all fine and dandy, but where does that leave my iOS fans? How do you benefit from all this? You don’t, but I got some plans for you all.

It was never my intention to leave my iOS fans in the dust, but you have to admit it takes some deep pockets to keep up with Apple. I don’t want this to stop me from providing my wares so I hope to be ready for some iOS development by June of this year (2019). Fortunately for me, I have a crew of great friends on my team coming in with the assist.

While I save up for my own iOS device a good friend of mine is loaning me his iPhone 6 and has even offered to test my apps using his XS. This alone eliminated probably the most costly point of entry so I am really grateful for that. Now I can use my efforts to get my a Mac and I am shooting for a decent Mac Mini which I think I can have soon. Once I have all of these in my possession I can begin converting every mobile game and app I’ve released for iPhone.

I can’t tell you how excited I am to be getting setup for iOS development. I have a great deal of friends who are iOS users who will be playing some of my games for the first time. Are you an iOS user who is excited to play some of my Android releases? I’d like to hear from you so leave me a comment. Whelp, see on next time on the next Asix Days!

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