Asix Days #8 – Pokemon Tale

I was watching the Pokemon Gold Race during Awesome Games Done Quick 2019 and I was extremely amused to here a donation come in by someone with mama in their name. They mentioned that they had a one year old, but they remembered playing Pokemon when they were a kid meaning she was probably close to my age. I was just so amused by the fact that we are at a time were those who grow up with Pokemon are now having their own children. For reference I am 27 now and I was 6 when Pokemon Red and Blue came out. It is crazy how time files.

I always love telling the story of how I got my first Pokemon game. I was hanging out with some kids in my neighborhood and we were trading Pokemon cards. I had a holographic Clefable card that he really wanted, but I wasn’t budging. That’s when he offered me his copy of Pokemon Red. I thought he was joking, but sure enough, he went to his house and came back with Pokemon Red. Needless to say, that would probably be one of the best trades I would ever make.

Now I days I don’t have much time for Pokemon. I haven’t really played much since X and Y (even thought I hate I missed the Gen 3 remake hype), but I still keep up with the series. Like most born in the 90s, I have a childhood filled with fond Pokemon memories and like the mama from the donation I hope to have Pokemon loving kids one day too. Well that’s all. See you on the next Asix Days.

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