Asix Days #10 – Image Woes

I switched from Windows to Linux because I was tired of Windows 10’s constant updating and bloat. It has probably been the best decision I’ve made in years regarding how I use my computers. For the most part, the software I use is available on Linux or can run under WINE and even if neither of those are the case then Linux usually has some solid alternatives. However, there is one specific instance where I am left in the dark with terrible alternatives and that would be image editing.

My favorite editor is Paint.NET and I came across the wonderful gem after looking for alternatives to Photoshop. I’ve been using Paint.NET faithfully since Adobe went all subscription on us and I haven’t looked back since. Unfortunately, Paint.NET is only available on Windows and it also does not run well under WINE. This has caused me major issues in my workflow. I’ve barely got any work done trying to solve this little problem. It’s been a nightmare.

Now the image editors available on Linux aren’t the greatest in the bunch either. Most users recommend Pinta, but I am not sure why because it’s just an unmaintained piece of crap and if you do recommend Pinta stop it. Then there’s GIMP which is probably nice but wants to be so technical that there’s a whole learning curve to using it. Fortunately, someone pointed me to an application called Krita that I hope will save the day here. I’m running out of options.

If Krita doesn’t work out for me then my last resort will be to go back to Windows until Paint.NET runs under WINE or something better comes along. I’ve been using Krita for about a day and I think it’ll suffice for the time being. I really enjoy Linux and would hate to have to move back just because of an image editor. Anyway I just wanted to rant about my image woes (roll credits). See you on the next Asix Days!

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