Reintroducing Break Of the Dungeon

What’s up, everyone! It’s Asix here with an update about Break Dungeon. Most of the update is in the video below, but the most important thing is that I’ve changed the name of Break Dungeon to Break of the Dungeon. I thought the old name was super generic and I wanted the Zelda inspiration to […]

FDO Devlog #4 – Movement & Commands

Another devlog means more progress with Force Defender Operations (FDO). Most of my time since the last post was spent working on more movement stuff. This time, however, I worked on how the player will be moving their character. If I haven’t mentioned it already, FDO is inspired by Rockman EXE 4.5, a Mega Man […]

FDO Devlog #3 – Raycast Woes

Before I begin I want to mention that I will no longer be doing 21 Days of VGM or Inktober (or whatever the pixel art version of it is). I’ve decided that I need to focus on my game design and development. I’ve even removed the requirement that I have to do this every two […]

FDO Devlog #2

Been working on getting the movement figured out for the actors. I basically did some research and broke down the way enemies move in Mega Man Battle Network. After I got my notes together I distilled the movement patterns into three basic commands I could give my actors. For example, I can give my actors […]

FDO Devlog #1

Welcome to the first Devtober post of the month. This month I’ll be posting about the progress I am making on my new project, Force Defender Operation. These post won’t be as long as my usual stuff, but a just quick overview of what I’ve done over the last few days. Force Defender Operation is […]

LRGBIC Devlog #9 – Finishing Touches

This has been quite the month hasn’t it? At the very beginning I was just following Fornclake’s Zelda Godot tutorials which lead me to releasing the prologue just two weeks ago. Now we are at the beginning of September closing in on the Silver Rule’s release. It’s been quite the journey doing these two jams […]

LRGBIC Devlog #8 – The Fuego Fuegi

On the last devlog we went over the dungeon that Ace will have to conquer to get the Silver Rule. If you remember, I started that off by mentioning some of the improvements I’ve made to the game. I mentioned the revamped magic, the reworked enemies, and the new enemy. That new enemy is excatly […]

LRGBIC Devlog #7 – Puzzles and Traps. Oh My!

How’s it going, everyone? We are fast at work on the second phase of LRGBIC and on the last devlog, we went over the feedback I received for the first phase. It seems Ace has received some additional training from Silus and his magic skills have been upgraded. He will need them too because the […]

LRGBIC Devlog #6 – Can We Fix It? I Hope So!

It has been awhile since the last time I saw you all! I decided to get some rest after the release of the prologue and it did me some good. I was able to let the prologue settle in the wild and get some much needed feedback. Pretty much everything I evaluated about the game […]

LRGBIC Devlog #5 – The Prologue

A lot has happened since the first devlog! Hopefully you’ve seen and enjoyed the video I did for devlog four and seeing the game in action. I definitely had a time putting it together. What I wanted to talk about now is how I am going to handle Silver Rule being made for two game […]