World Masters (LD38 – A Small World)

Ludum Dare 38 Page

After some time it would seem that the universe is not as infinite as most were led to believe. Over time the universe has shrunken to a very limited space and the World Masters must constantly battle for their territory. This is done by ramming their worlds into one another in an attempt to knock them off the Universe Space. You are a new World Master…grow your worlds and stay in the Universe Space as long as possible.


-Worlds are represented by tokens.

-The player tokens are red while the other World Masters are green and yellow.

-Each turn every World Master picks a world and rams it into another world to knock it off the Universe Space

-Each turn the Yellow & Green World Masters gain a new world that is slightly stronger than the last

-For each turn the player gets a kill they can either gain a world or upgrade an existing world

-The game is over when the player has no more worlds

-The Angles for firing the worlds are as followed: 0/360 => Right, 90 => Up, 180 => Left, 270 => Down